Jinza is well on her way to becoming the next Vera Wang.
— Rachel G, March 2009
My wedding dress is a family heirloom. It’s been worn 6 times before me - including my mother, both of my sisters, and three of my mom’s friends. After over 40 years, the antique lace looked like it had been through 60 weddings, not 6. I handed it over to Jinza to fix it up, and she worked wonders on it. This project was harder than just making a new dress. She took the most delicate, precious item in my family and turned it into a stunning, one-of-a-kind, knockout dress. To say she is a genius is an understatement.
— Polly M, March 2012
It’s obvious all of her dresses were all intricately made; they are absolutely beautiful and one-of-a kind. Once I slipped on her dress, I felt like an ultimate princess.
— Nance, Manhattan, NY 2011
What was a relatively stressful process, Jinza made into a joyful experience. I can’t thank her, or recommend her, enough!
— Danielle Y, Yelp
I felt like a movie star on my wedding day, and best of all, was wearing the most comfortable dress I’ve ever had on in my entire life. It felt like I was wearing silk pajamas and moved, danced, and floated around the entire day.
— Heidi E, Nov 2012