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Breast Fantasy


During my university days I was lucky enough to have a wonderfully-curvy girlfriend who was more than happy for me to pleasure her every chance I got. This is one of my most erotic memories of those very special times and goes a long way to explaining my life-long penchant for pleasuring lovely, sensitive, needy breasts!

Looking at my girlfriend dressed demurely in a thick, floppy, woollen sweater you wouldn’t know that it hid an amazing pair of big C-cups. This particular winter’s day I had come from a separate lecture and found her in the library, sitting at one of the study desks. I’m sure you know the type … a long row of desks with small walls partitioning off each one. I drew up the chair from the desk next to her, but moved it behind her, sat down and put my strong arms around her. Pulling her gently back in her chair and into my firm chest, I kissed the sensitive spot at the back of her neck which made her shiver just a little. Sensing her spark of arousal, I dropped my hands to around her waist and kissed her again on the side of the neck. Enjoying my kissing, she shuffled forward in her chair so she was more hidden by the desk’s walls. Fortunately the nearest person was about 4 desks away and paying us no attention.

Appreciating her new positioning, both my hands now crept under the bottom of her soft, voluminous sweater, its folds and the desk walls nicely hiding my actions. I was surprised to immediately encounter her warm skin – she hadn’t bothered with a T-shirt underneath that day! Teasingly, I tickled my fingertips up her tender tummy until they reached the bottom of her soft cotton bra. As I played my tantalising fingertips over the undersides of her lovely round C-cups, she shut her eyes and relaxed into my firm hug – she was a big fan of my loving attentions to her wonderful, needy curves! Circling my fingertips up, I revelled in the lovely roundness of her breasts until I met her deep, exposed cleavage. Glancing around to make sure we were still unobserved, I deftly pulled the top of her bra down so it lay underneath her her now-freed breasts. Although hidden by the sweater, I can assure you that when my beloved’s breasts were swinging free, they were magnificent in form and perfect in size 🙂

Cupping & rhythmically squeezing both her luscious C-cups in my palms, I could feel her tit-flesh swell with arousal, mirrored by her deepening breathing. Knowing what she really wanted – nay, needed – I delayed a little until I finally let my fingertips sweep softly over her aureoles. By now they were just the way I like them – wrinkled in arousal from my continued caressing 🙂 Finally, my fingertips grasped her big, turgid nipples; I twirled them, tweaked them, pulled on them, caressed them; until with her head laying back on my shoulder, her eyes closed, her breathing jerky and her thighs slowly squeezing together under the desk, she unmistakably craved more.

Continuing to pleasure her rock-hard nipples with one hand, my other hand slid back down to her waist; her breath caught in her throat as I deftly flicked open the top button of her jeans, and still hidden by the sweater, my fingers crept downwards. Her rhythmic squeezing together of her beautiful thighs stopped as they parted for me to discover just how soaked her cotton panties already were! I pushed my fingers through the thin fabric of her panties into her pussy hole, over & over again, which in turn caused the fabric to pull against her clit 😀 She had obviously lost control by now, as underneath the desk her pelvis was thrusting slowly against my fingers and she was trying to stifle her repeated gasps of lust. With fulfilling her womanly needs being my own greatest pleasure, I slipped my fingers past the crotch of her panties and dived them into her hot, needy pussy-hole! Seconds later, with my fingertips caressing her G-spot, the palm of my hand pressing on her bulging clit and her needy nipples still receiving my loving attentions, she came! And as if she wasn’t wet enough already, she squirted as she came over & over again, absolutely soaking my hand and the rest of her cotton panties!

As her barely-controlled panting eventually subsided, she tongue-kissed me deeply – and then looked at her watch. She was late for a tutorial! After telling me I was a very naughty boy she quickly kissed me again, then departed to clean herself up so hopefully no-one would suspect she’d just had an earth-shaking public orgasm!! And I was left with the musky, sweet smell of her juices which I breathed deeply off my hand, satisfied in the pleasure I had brought her yet again.