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Best Places To Hide Your Sex Toys At Home

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If not a secret, many couples use sex toys. The majority of these couples are wondering where to put these sex toys, which are also becoming increasingly popular these days. Indeed, no one really wants someone to come across it by chance. That’s why it is necessary to know Where to hide sex toys and find in appropriate place to hide them.

In a drawer or in a box

While many couples prefer to shelter them, others are content to put them in a drawer of their bedside table. It must be said that this is the quickest and easiest solution to access it in case of naughty desires. It is enough then to teach the children that the adults also have secrets. This is probably the best way for them not to poke around where they should not.

But if you are afraid that your little monsters are too curious and are quick to take a look in all drawers, why not opt ??for a shoebox? After all, everyone always has one hanging around somewhere to put away the little things we do not know what to do, and who would go and get a sex toy in an old cardboard box? But that will mean that you will not always have your favorite toy at hand in case of particular desire. It may be better than to find another idea.

If you are in this situation, or simply if you do not have a shoe box on hand, we invite you to use a Tupperware. Not one of those in the kitchen, of course, but one of those hanging around the house. Of course, it is better to avoid transparent models in favor of the more opaque: you will be the only one to know what is hidden there. In any case, whether you opt for the shoebox or the Tupperware, the advantage is that you can move your toy around the house whenever you want.

More original ideas

It is also possible to hide a sex toy in a closet, in the middle of clothing. After all, it is unlikely that someone will fall on it while you show him your wardrobe! Indeed, if most will admire the models you present, how many will ask to look in your pockets? Do not hesitate to hide a sex toy if you are lacking ideas, especially as this solution is possible regardless of the size of your toy. But never forget to check your pockets before going out!

In fact, the best place to hide a sex toy is probably in everyone’s sight. As surprising as it sounds! Think for a moment: if you put it on a shelf, and you take the time to decorate or disguise it, it is likely that no one will pay attention, except those who have a real eye of the lynx. If you are not ready to take the risk, all you have to do is buy a box with a lock. All your toys will be safe and sound. And you will feel relieved to know that no one can touch it. You will find boxes with locks in all sizes and shapes: finding the box you need is just a matter of time.

Choose the best solution for you

You can easily find plenty of places to hide your toy without fear of being discovered. If you or your partner prefers to keep it away from prying eyes, opt for a lock box or drawer. Any couple should feel comfortable once this toy (s) is well hidden (s). Because it is clear that the more confident you are in the fact that they are well hidden, the more you will feel comfortable using them!

If there is one common obsession among the owners of naughty toys, it is that someone falls one day on this taboo object by chance. Whether it’s a child, a parent or even a friend, we never really want to explain why we have the last Pleasure Max Triple 360 ??Rotor tidy in its bedside table. That’s why we must always have a good hideout so that our intimate toys stay in the privacy.

Hide your sex toys to keep your privacy and avoid embarrassing discussions

Nobody wants to find himself explaining why he has a sex toy hidden under his bed. Even if sextoys have become widely democratized in recent years, the object remains taboo. Everyone knows that there is nothing shameful to give pleasure, but what creates discomfort is the meaning of this object. To fall on a sextoy is to enter the intimacy of someone. With this naughty object we know immediately more about the sexual habits of its owner. It’s an extra step in the privacy that no one wants to do, because it’s as embarrassing for the owner as for the person who discovers it by chance. These tips will also apply in hiding your yoni eggs. For more information, go check out Yonieggs.

5 hideouts to make his naughty toys invisible

To avoid this kind of nightmarish situation, we have listed 5 perfect hiding places to store your toys safely.

The locked suitcase

The locked suitcase is ideal to hide all its naughty material (lubricants, vibrators, handcuffs, etc.). You can find one in a DIY store or just a porter. The idea is to put all his equipment, to lock, to slip into a closet, and hide the key in another place.

In the underwear

There is very little chance that someone will search your underwear and that’s what makes this place a perfect adult sex toy hideout! For even more security, you can slip the object into a sock!

At the bottom of an old bag or in the pocket of an old coat

We all have at home an old bag or an old coat that no one has touched for years. This is an excellent hiding place to slip a little naughty toy.

On the roof of a cupboard

The old Norman cabinet that you inherited will finally have a real utility: hide your sex toy. Make sure that what is on it cannot be seen from the ground and stow your private objects discreetly!

In your personal administrative papers

You certainly have a drawer, a filing cabinet or a box where you store all your administrative papers. We assure you that no one will take a look for pleasure. You can leave your favorite object there without any fear!

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