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How Do Yoni Eggs Stimulate Women During Sex?

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Yoni is the stone of the Chinese emperors, or the rulers of heaven. It symbolizes immortality, perfection, cosmic energy, power and strength. Harmony, dedication, purity of soul, sincerity, benevolence and justice in China personify Yoni eggs. This simulator has been known since ancient times. It was used to train vaginal muscles.

How is Yoni related to the human body?

The vibrations of the heart chakra and Yoni are the same. This stone has the elements that are required for the metabolism of cells in the body. Aging occurs due to metabolic disorders. And Yoni helps to restore it and prolongs youth. Therefore, Yoni eggs – trainers for women’s practices, not only have a good effect on the muscles of the vagina, but are also good for overall health. Yoni is considered a stone of female power and different types of yoni egg help to fight against deseases.

Yoni eggs

A yoni vaginal egg is an intimate simulator to strengthen the vaginal muscles. Products are made of natural stone. It is polished smoothly and takes on an egg shape. Simulators can be drilled holes for the ropes. They are made without holes at all.

With holes, eggs are more expensive, because it is very difficult to drill them. Yoni is quite strong natural stone. For the manufacture of holes requires special equipment. You can stretch the rope through the holes and attach the free end to the clothes with a pin. In this case, if you drop out of the vagina, the egg will not fall, but just hang.

Effect of Yoni eggs on the female body

Yoni egg has the ability to align the female energy Yin. Each product from the sets, in which they are often sold, has its own properties. When an intimate muscle is trained with such eggs, a woman’s vital energy increases, and sexuality and sensuality develop. Yoni eggs can be purchased individually.

After training with them, labor flows gently. The integrity of the birth canal is also preserved, and the body is quickly restored. In ancient times, Yoni eggs were often used to treat female diseases. Putting them into practice in the modern world can help get rid of the following diseases?

Prolapsed of the vagina and uterus;

  • Cyst;
  • Painful periods;
  • Chronic inflammation;
  • Erosion;

The micro-flora of the vagina is normalized if it is Yoni eggs that are used to train intimate muscles. Reviews about them contain information that they have an antibacterial effect and reduce the likelihood of diseases “like a woman.” In addition, they stimulate the immune system.

Exercises with Yoni eggs contribute to the release of pheromones that attract the opposite sex. Due to the effects on the nerve endings when carrying eggs in the vagina, women’s sexual sensitivity increases. So frigidity is cured.

Why are intimate Yoni simulators sold in egg form?

The form of intimate simulators in the form of eggs was not chosen by chance. It is considered magical, corresponds to the human and earthly aura. The egg symbolizes the life and mystery of the universe. In addition, this form of intimate simulator is the most effective and convenient for the development and strengthening of the vaginal muscles.

How to distinguish a fake?

A real Yoni egg will never be cheap. Its price depends on the color of Yoni, the size, quality of the stone and its processing, as well as the presence of holes in the egg. The cheapest Yoni – bath, higher in price – semi-precious. And the most expensive is jewelry.

Real Yoni eggs for women cannot be cheap and especially with holes, because drilling them is quite a difficult task. If the cost of eggs is low, then most often these are fakes made of Chinese pressed Yoni or Yoni. Such simulators can look beautiful and natural. There is Yoni in the forgeries, but only as shavings and dust left over from the production of other goods, mixed with plastic.

In no case should vaginal eggs containing Yoni be placed in the vagina. This material may cause inflammation and irritation. Yoni with vaginal environment is not compatible. Yoni fake eggs do not have certificates of quality and confirmation in Russian of gemological examination.

Defining a fake is easy. If you bring the egg to the flame (lighters, candles) for 15 seconds, then an indelible black stain will remain on it and the smell of burnt plastic will appear. When heated for a long time intimate simulator begins to melt. If the egg is made of real Yoni, then the fire is not terrible for him, and the plaque is easily removed with a damp cloth.

How many eggs do you need for training?

For training the pelvic floor muscles are great Yoni exercise eggs for women’s practices. Reviews of those who used them say that it is best to buy not one, but a set of three pieces. Why exactly this amount?

Yoni eggs can be compared with dumbbells. In the set, the largest of the three eggs is the hardest. It will provide a greater load to the vaginal muscles. Therefore, even if a woman easily pulls in a small egg, then periodically it is necessary to use a large one. You need to do this to keep your muscles in good shape.

Start better with a large Yoni egg. It should be well felt inside the vagina. If this does not happen do not be scary. So the sensitivity inside the vagina is lower than when entering it. Gradually, it will increase. Then during the workout should use a medium egg. And then you can gradually go to the smallest. A set of three eggs is necessary for the most effective training although you can get by with one.

Purification of Yoni eggs before training

Before the first workout, you need to carefully clean the Yoni eggs. The instruction has a clear sequence. To begin with, intimate simulators are immersed in a saline solution in proportions – 1 tbsp. spoon for 1 cup of water. They are left in it for a day. This will help to “clear” the simulators from the information that was absorbed into them during the delivery to the owner. In no event it is impossible to boil Yoni eggs. It destroys their healing properties.

Having gotten the eggs the next day, rinse them under cold running water. Then they need to be treated with solutions of “Miramistin”, “Chlorhexidine” or another disinfectant. It must be remembered that besides their owner, the eggs should not be touched by anyone including her husband so that someone else’s energy is not absorbed into the stones. Otherwise, it will be necessary to repeat the entire cleaning procedure, starting with a saline solution.

Rules when using Yoni eggs

To properly use Yoni exercise machines, reviews of which are only the most positive, you need to know a number of rules.

If the muscles of the perineum have never before experienced a load, then you need to prepare them for the exercises. This is done within a few days before the start of training. During the preparation, it is necessary to do exercises on the development of elasticity and strength of the muscles of the pelvic floor. Otherwise, at the beginning of training, they will start to get sick with the habit. In addition, with weak muscles from the vaginal opening, the egg can simply fall out.

To ensure the normal movement of the Yoni simulator in the vaginal canal, you need to learn how to divide the muscles into three zones: the anal, vaginal and urethral sphincters. Without this skill, excessive straining and overstraining of organs that are not involved in egg movement can be created. As a result, a headache may occur, pressure rise.

In order to draw in a Yoni egg, you need to be able to work with a diaphragm. Without this skill, training will be less effective.

To push the eggs out of the vaginal opening, you need to be able to create internal pressure in the abdominal area. In this case, the pelvic floor muscles should remain drawn. This is necessary not to earn the uterus prolapsed.

Pregnant women can also use Yoni eggs for training. Application, however, must be very careful and within the framework of strict restrictions, so as not to damage the fetus. For pregnant women there is a special set of exercises, if you are interested, visit

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