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Why married couples should maintain sex after pregnancy

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Many people believe that they’ll have trouble maintaining sex after pregnancy. While a lack of sex can cause some marriage problems after pregnancy, there are plenty of ways to work around it to stay emotionally or physically intimate and eventually get your sex life back on track. 


Check out some of the best tips for maintaining sex in marriage after pregnancy

What Happens in Marriage After Pregnancy

Your sex life during and after pregnancy will be affected by various factors. Also, each couple will be impacted differently after their baby arrives. That’s why it’s important to get a clear understanding of what happens after you tie the knot. 


Firstly, sex is one of the most important factors that contribute to happy marriages. It keeps the spark flowing. Plus, it boosts your physical and emotional intimacy. When you or your partner have a baby, your life will definitely change. For example, you might feel exhausted, stressed, and worried. Still, the only thing that can save you from the common pitfalls of pregnancy in marriage is to work on your relationship.


Both of you should work together to navigate your domestic responsibilities, parenting styles, finances, alone time, etc. Some of those can have a negative effect on your marriage if you don’t take the time to tackle them. If you overcome those issues, you’ll strengthen your connection with your partner. 

Sex Is a Physical Need

In marriages, people often forget that sex is a part of every human’s physical need. Aside from meeting those basic physical needs, sex gives people pleasure. It has a whole host of other benefits. Again, sex during pregnancy will depend entirely on the pregnant partner’s health and mood. 


While sex is a healthy part of pregnancy, the female partner will need time to rest and heal after labor. That could take up to three months or more.

That’s why both partners have to understand each other’s needs. Even though your wife’s physical ability for sex may return quickly, other issues could impact her emotionally. And since motherhood is physically demanding, the female partner could view sex as yet another demand on the body. One of the best pregnancy tips for male partners here is to put their needs to the side and consider masturbation, sex toys, or other means of meeting their physical needs. 

Intimacy Is Shown Through Sex

In most marriages, sex is one of the best ways to maintain intimacy. While sex is central to the unity between partners, sexual intimacy goes beyond physical sex. Your intimacy will also revolve around genuine support and companionship. But, being sexually intimate will improve your overall sense of comfort. It will enable both of you to express your sexual feelings.

What’s more, it’s fairly common to feel like you’ll never have sex again after the birth of your baby. Various physical and hormonal factors could contribute to that. Here, it’s crucial to understand that you can connect with your partner in many other ways. 


Before you start panicking, you should talk or listen to your partner to see if it’s time to resume sexual intercourse. Remember, you don’t have to go all the way just yet. Physical affection such as cuddling or holding hands can gradually increase your sex drives until you’re both ready. 

Sex Has Health Benefits for Couples

If you make an effort to deal with some of the factors described above, you’ll actually make your marriage stronger. Here’s why sex in a marriage is important: 


  • It will build intimacy while helping you express your emotions.
  • Sex can relieve stress while boosting various feel-good hormones. 
  • It can help you solve problems and improve your sense of trust. 
  • You will be able to build a much deeper level of communication during sex. 
  • You’ll get fit! Sex will give you a vigorous workout that will boost your body image and make you feel happier.
  • It will improve your self-esteem. This will transfer to other areas of your day-to-day life.
  • Sex will help you sleep better, increase your immune system, and lower depression.

Married Couples Can Use Sex as a Truce

In long marriages, some couples tend to disagree more often than when they first started dating. If you have differences in opinion, you could end up having more conflicts. However, many marital therapists believe that sex is one of the best ways to solve your problems.


In fact, sex is one of the most effective activities that could help you reach a compromise. You can use sexual intimacy as a truce to help you work through your disagreements. It can help you hit the reset button on some of your toughest struggles!

Sex Expands Emotional Boundaries

As mentioned, you don’t have to force yourself to have sex after pregnancy if you’re not ready. But, you can ease into it and try other ways of expanding your emotional boundaries. It’s possible to feel a decline in your relationship satisfaction during the postpartum period, especially due to factors such as lowered sexual desire or vaginal dryness. 


In that case, the best way to maintain emotional intimacy is to talk to your partner. Moreover, you should continue to kiss, hug, shower together, massage each other, and cuddle. That will increase your love and appreciation for each other. Then, if arousal occurs during those moments, the less desirous partner can kick off the sexual intimacy at their own pace. 


However, you shouldn’t force it, and you shouldn’t demand sexual intimacy if your partner isn’t ready. One of the best marriage tips that could help reset your emotional bond is to find time for sex or plan ahead for it. Finally, remember that your partner will need time to heal. So follow our tips, take it one step at a time, and you’ll quickly bring sex back into your marriage after pregnancy!